Who is Bravo?

Bravo is a fast growing technology services company that provides customized solutions around Security, Mobility, Infrastructure, and Cloud Services. We provide a combination of managed services and consulting services to our clients to solve problems and help them run more efficiently so they can focus on their business.

What makes us different?

Our Customers
We don't want to just provide services, or be just a little better than other providers. We get called into situations where customers have not been well taken care of and need quality help and guidance from our experts. Our customers rave about our capabilities and their experience and bring new customers to us.
Our Partners
We have a great relationship with both our channel partners and our vendor partners that we are not considered 'just another partner.' We give them such attention and care so they see the customer response that in turn makes them more successful. Vendors want us to support their solutions and resellers want us to extend their capabilities.
Our Team
Our people are our strongest asset, they and the processes we bring are the value we bring to the table. For this reason it is critical to make sure that our team has the right skill sets for the job. We are a fun group of people that are enjoying the experience of a significant amount of growth, and we help them grow their careers quickly.
We were born from within services organizations, we saw what we didn’t like about how service organizations ran, and decided to think different. Our goal is to provide a higher quality of service to our customers than what they are used to.

When we finish an engagement, there should be nothing left to say but “Bravo.”
Our Approach

Each situation is different. We need to take a step back and look at all of the related areas to see how to best confirm that they will be successful. How will what they want to do impact their other services and business as a whole? Have they done all of the appropriate planning from a support perspective? Is someone in senior leadership driving an initiative that could end up costing him his job? We take the time to make sure that both the customer and Bravo will be set up for success - even if it means not taking on the project.
Design the right solution. People use this term loosely and we need to make sure that customers have a fully thought out solution that hits all communicated business and technical requirements. The real value of the architect is to design around the things that the customer has not communicated, and our experiences in several different environments allows us to build it once and build it right.
You can't just take a solution and drop it in and expect success, a fully thought out plan needs to be defined. What is the impact of this deployment and what are all of the moving parts to be successful. Is the Network team aligned with the desktop team? Is the Security team aligned with the application team? Risk management is a fundamental skill that we in security use as part of any project we take on. We plan around all inherent risks in any solution to minimize issues and maintain highest availability and performance and of course, customer satisfaction.
Light it up. It's time to execute on everything that has been focused on. The team is ready, has the right caliber of resources on the project, and it's go time. We continue with constant communication, updates, and high quality deliverables that organizations can be proud to have.
Things can always be better. We take the time to investigate what else can be done to improve the solution, through process optimizations, future updates, or anything else our creative minds can come up with.
When our customers haven't got the bandwidth to operate at the levels they want to, we can come in and help keep things humming along. Whether through remote monitoring, management, or onsite resources at the customer headquarters - our team can jump in and help with that load of work.
See why everyone says "Bravo"