Our Clients

Our customers rage in size from hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands of users, so we have experiences from the largest of enterprises that allows us to bring efficiencies to the small and mid-sized organizations.

Security and confidentiality are the underlying principles of every customer engagement, so we apologize but we won't share their names. You can feel confident that you use their solutions and products all the time, and probably already have today.


"Our fully Managed Service provided by Bravo allows us to run our business effectively without having to worry about staffing IT resources in a market where expertise is scarce."
Digital Media Firm, Managing Director
"With compliance timelines only a couple of months away, we needed a solution to be quickly deployed globally. Bravo was able to come in and successfully do a very complex enterprise deployment of Cisco ISE in less than half the time of typical deployments of this nature."
Global 50K Employee Company, IT Sr. Director
"We quickly had to move our entire IT from our existing provider who was mismanaging our environment. Bravo came in without any documentation, reverse engineered our entire enterprise system stack, and now runs everything from our helpdesk to our servers for us as a service. Without Bravo, we would be in a world of hurt. Bravo!"
Technology Company, President
"We were badly out of PCI compliance, so we worked with Bravo to help assess the current state of our enterprise network. After finishing their due diligence, they provided an updated architecture to address some of the significant gaps and worked to implement changes to help us become compliant. "
Retail chain (~500 stores), CISO
"We were left hanging from a previous System Integrator that failed a key project. Bravo came in, reverse engineered the failures and allowed us to keep our business operational. A true partner for years to come."
Global Technology Company, CIO
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