Operations Admin

Hello Potential Bravo Associate! 

We are looking for a solid individual to start with us to support our enterprise operations.  We are looking for a Operations Admin to support our organization.

We need quality people that are fantastic communicators with a customer focus - and of course a fun individual to join the team.  The culture of Bravo and the experiences from our end users is based on the quality of the resources that are on board.  If you want to grow your career quickly with a great group of people in an organization undergoing tremendous growth, please review the details below. 

Primary Responsibilities:

- Sales Process:
- Account Creation in ERP
- Opportunity Creation in ERP
- SOW Creation (Work with Sales Engineer)
- Vendor Process for costing (As Needed for Software/Licenses/Services)
- Contract/MSA Management with our Legal/Customer Legal
- Opportunity Closure
- Receiving PO.
- Contract Creation in ERP
- Project Creation in ERP
- Project Closure in ERP
- Approve/Post in ERP
- Invoice Generation from ERP -> QuickBooks Online
- Send Quickbooks Invoice to Customer
- Follow up on Outstanding Invoices
- Deposit Payment to Bank
- Receive Payment in Quickbooks Online (QBO)
- Close Contract

- Vendor Processes:
- Work with Vendor to get Quotes
- Approve Quote and issue Purchase Orders
- Receive Invoices from Vendor
- Verify work is complete or product/service is delivered
- Invoice Customer once Verified (as applicable)
- Schedule Payments to Vendor after customer has been invoiced.

- Services Process:
- Assist Director of Managed Services with Running Reports from ERP
- Assist Director of Professional Services on Project Status Updates
- Assist Services Directors on formulating Job Requirements documents
- Assist Services Directors on Resource Scheduling (internal and outsourced)

- Employee/Payroll Processes:
- Biweekly approval of Employee Payroll
- Biweekly approval of Contractor Payments
- Biweekly export from Payroll Software into QBO
- Weekly review of Payroll Taxes/Forms for electronic submittal to IRS and State Governments
- Ad Hoc adding new employees, employee new hire process (onboarding forms, health insurance, etc)

- Corporate Insurance (Workers Comp, General Liability, Crime, E&O):
- Work with our Insurance Broker as needed yearly for renewals
- Work as needed per engagement/partner on COI changes

- General Admin Work (light):
- Executive Mail/Calendaring

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